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The community project could evolve in a number of ways but would suggest a photographic based project that could be initiated by a simple event/presentation by myself to the local public/Artists as to the intended project and the workshop to evolve in the following way.

White Light

To allow a period of time for the people who want to be involved in photographing the area in Mytholmroyd particularly the light in relation to the buildings this could be at sunrise/sunset or indeed be synthetic light in the evening but the main intention would be to draw on the strong creative energy of the area involving artists/photographers and indeed the general public to develop a series of images/photographs that have a special kind of quality in terms of light.

This could be discussed as to the best way forward but again would suggest an exhibition of the work at a suitable location that would coincide with the sculptural installation as a prelude, introduction or parallel to the work itself.

This of course would be suitably timed so as to allow a period of development and evolving at the same time as the sculpture.

White Light

'White Light' would be a site specific Light Sculpture for St Michael's Square in Mytholmroyd.

The intention of the sculpture would be to create a spiritual centre that would be a place of meditation and reflection.

The work would reference the area in a number of ways initially from the outside and from afar that would reflect the buildings and fabric of Mytholmroyd as to its very fabric and the way the stone makes up the architecture all around, as well as suggesting a kind of 'Cairn'.

On closer inspection into the interior a white light would seen to be emanating from the interior of the sculpture in LED and again lit at the top in LED / Luxeon that would suggest a spiritual ‘space’ or ‘heavenly radar’ in a contemporary format that would seem to vibrate or resonate from the tip down, affectively lighting the interior.

This sense would be heightened at dusk toward evening and become an intensely dramatic experience when looking into the interior where this spiritual line would seem to resonate or vibrate. From a distance the cross form set into the structure would be lit from the interior in white light and be seen as a white light cross from a distance.

This would and will suggest many things depending on the observer, intentionally so as this would want to be a personal experience even though this will be seen by many people. The main intention here would be to suggest the sculptural position and the location in various ways, in terms of lay lines, the close proximity of the water running by, the church, the light that has a certain kind of quality in Mytholmoroyd and much more obliquely to reference the light affect when interacting with the stone buildings in the area particularly sunrise and sunset and to suggest the work as a synthesis of this and also to suggest a kind of contemporary ‘market cross.’

This would be a dramatic work that in time would allow a navigational and meeting point that would inspire civic pride for many years.



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