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BLACKOUT in Mytholmroyd following demolition of old Health Centre

Substantial parts of Mytholmroyd were without power from yesterday to midnight on a very cold November evening. Residents pointed out that the power cut coincided with yesterday's hurried demolition of the old health centre.

Without warning contractors moved in yesterday to demolish the old Health Centre. No fencing or notices were erected.

At 4pm power to many houses in the area was lost. Caldene Avenue, Ashton Road and Erringden Road were affected, as were the shops on the main road including the chip shop. Reports to YEB began at 4.20. By 7.00pm a taped message told residents a time for the restoration of their electricity could not be predicted.

YEB vans and engineers were seen at the site of the old Health Centre between 8pm and

Some residents told the Mytholmroyd net they were taking their children to relatives in Halifax in the absence of any information about the length of time the electricity would be off on such a cold night. Other residents boiled water for hot drinks and loaned torches and candles to neighbours.

Power seems to have been restored around midnight but before then people were reporting freezers were beginning to leak water.

Photos of the demolition in progress (including children dangerously close to the work in progress) and shots of the site at first light this morning are here

The site was completely open at all times with no fencing, notices or anything else to stop people (especially children) entering the site which was left with buildings half demolished overnight.

3rd November