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International Memorial to Asbestos Victims

Our area has seen it's share of tragedy brought about by asbestos disease. This is an opportunity for people to send a card in memory of someone they knew. Many people who worked at Acre Mill locally became ill from exposure to asbestos. Others became ill because they lived near or went to school nearby. A memorial in Hebden Bridge has been discussed too. This campaign aims to bring communites together who have had a similar experience. Asbestos, in all it's forms, continues to kill...

Dear Friends:

Amongst the many activities planned for April 28, International Workers' Memorial Day, is the unveiling in Rochdale, England of a memorial to asbestos victims.

Rochdale was the birthplace of the multinational asbestos group Turner & Newall. Jason Addy and his colleagues in the campaign: Save Spodden Valley have prepared a memorial card which they are asking people to print off and send to the campaign. Their intention is to paste all the cards received from all over the world up in the Rochdale Town Hall to demonstrate the global nature of the asbestos epidemic.

Please spare a few minutes to do this -- your messages of support and solidarity will mean a lot to a community which has suffered so much from this global scourge.

The card can be accessed on the SSV website: Spodden-Valley website

Online card: Spodden Valley online card

Archived campaign news: Rochdale Online

Best regards,
Laurie Kazan-Allen
International Ban Asbestos Secretariat

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