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Press Release , 29th April, 2005


"Share your Broadband with a neighbour:

Upper Valley Community Broadband Coop unveils unique new service, bridging the rural 'digital divide'

"3-C Broadband this week launched a unique initiative to make wireless broadband available to even more residents of the Upper Calder Valley, who are often cut off from broadband access to the new digital economy.

"3-C is the only community broadband service in the UK to offer both wired and wireless broadband access. Established in September 2003 as a community cooperative, they are now one of the largest providers of broadband to the Upper Calder Valley.

"This week they announced their unique 'Share your Broadband' initiative, where neighbours can share a wired broadband service using 3-C's ultra-secure wireless service. Wireless broadband connections are often easily made through one or more party walls or even over distances of up to a mile in the right conditions.

"This will mean for instance that residents of remote hilltop dwellings will often be able to share a broadband connection.

"In other cases remote dwellings which do not currently have access to broadband ADSL, because of their distance from a BT exchange, may be able to share with a neighbour who does have access.

"Whilst most people in the UK currently benefit from a wide range of telecommunications possibilities, such as cable and ADSL, remote rural areas are often still cut off from such advantages - a new aspect of the 'digital divide' between the haves and have-nots of the new digital economy.

"Since its origins in campaigns to bring broadband to the Upper Calder Valley 3-C has concentrated on developing services that benefit the community. With their latest initiative they build upon their unique combination of wired and wireless broadband services.

"For more information visit the 3-C web site at, phone their customer support line on 0845 456 1793 or email: information at 3-C.Coop

Contact Richard Hull, Chair Group, 3-C on 01422 846109 or
0776 433 1260
Or Chris Ratcliffe, Marketing & Publicity, 3-C on 01422 843724