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Press Release : Mill Pond Hebden Bridge

Posted 28th October, 2004

Hebden Bridge Mill Pond: the aftermath of Chainsaw Tuesday

Press Release from residents of Windsor View, Windsor Road and Spring Grove

Monday, October 25, 2004

After the events on 'Chainsaw Tuesday' last week - when trees at the Mill Pond site bordering Windsor View and Spring Grove, Hebden Bridge were felled and residents assaulted - residents are beginning their campaign to protect the Mill Pond and to demand restoration of this green haven.

See the Hebden Bridge Web for full background info


Meet: 1pm St. George's Square, Hebden Bridge, Saturday 30th October.

"The Green Tops men - Who are they?"

The company trying to develop this site is called 'Green Tops' but they have never disclosed who they. All correspondence issued by them is not signed by a person. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence as to who they are, but that is not enough. Residents have been asking for this information all this year.

Why do we all need to know who they are?

The individuals who organised last week's events cannot remain anonymous because there are a lot of organisations and individuals who need to speak to them. These include:

The Police: residents were assaulted by 'security guards' acting on behalf of this company (the police are now taking statements).

The Health and Safety Executive: a complaint has been made about the contractors unsafe work practices (trees being felled with individuals in them; chainsaws being operated near people)

Calderdale Council: now investigating claims that many of the trees were protected by Tree Preservation Orders, and therefore felled unlawfully.

Solicitors acting for the residents of Windsor Road, Windsor View and Spring Grove: these are private roads, owned by the residents, and unauthorised access is not permitted - particularly by contractors coming to carry out unlawful activity.

Owners of houses on Windsor Road and Windsor View: it is quite possible that works that Green Tops may be planning to undertake could damage or undermine residents houses or property, or infringe on their property rights.

A great deal of damage and disturbance has already occurred in just one day because of the action of this company; but Green Tops may now be planning much more: including further unauthorised use of the residents' private roads, and breaching the Windsor View retaining wall.

It is very important that they immediately disclose their identity so that they can be held accountable for their past and intended actions. We are calling on them to come forward and identify who they are. And this week we are putting up posters around Hebden Bridge asking if you know: the Green Top's men - Who are they?"

What Green Tops should now do

1. Have the courage and decency to say who they are and admit their involvement

2. Apologise for the attack and abuse of local residents

3. Agree to stop all further talk of building houses on this unsuitable site.

4. Start an immediate programme of replanting - in consultation with the local community

5. Work with the local community to develop a proper management plan for replanting the woodland and restoring this wildlife haven.

6. Make any necessary repairs to retaining walls - again in consultation with local residents.

More information, photos and video clips may be found on the Hebden Bridge Website.

You can contact us via email at Millpond

Contacts: Chris Ratcliffe: (01422 843724) Michael Parkin (01422 843378)