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PRESS RELEASE - RESIDENT ALERT - important information for everyone who lives around Hall Bank Lane.

Dear Resident

On Tuesday 4th of January, without any prior consultation, Raif Thornber (Thornber chicks Ltd) began work on the construction of a road on Hall Bank Lane to open-up to a new access and a 60 place car park on Top Land Business Park.

He is creating a through-road alongside the present pavement on Hall Bank Lane which leads to the business park.

Local residents had no idea this was taking place; no resident-consultation or legal planning has been sought. And, although some residents have been able to speak with Mr Thornber, answers to residents' questions have been varied and it is still unclear how and why, and what is happening.

Mr Thornber has explained that unless Sweet & Maxwell be given extra parking, they were not prepared to renew their lease and the company would leave the area to premises that could cater for their parking. However, speaking with various staff of Sweet & Maxwell we can confirm that staff were unaware of these stipulations, and are also unaware of the construction of the road and car park.

On Friday 7th, 21 local residents met in The Shoulder of Mutton Pub to discuss the following:

o Potential traffic-increase
o Pedestrian-danger of traffic increase along Hall Bank Lane
o Noise and road congestion/pollution
o Road degradation, particular concern for the wall along Hall Bank Lane.
o Resident privacy
o Property devaluation
o Future legitimate access to Business Park.

It was established that this 'new' traffic will have an impact on everyone in the area. YOU WILL FIND IT A DANGER TO WALK ALONG THIS ROAD!

What YOU Can Do:

If the car park is necessary, it should be accessed via Cragg Vale - this would eliminate the potential hazards listed above. Please, as a resident become involved and contact the council planning office to complain. We believe that the road and carpark are without planning permission; in fact Thornber Chicks is contravening a previous planning-stipulation of the road being blocked-off for vehicular access to Top Land Business Park! The more people who complain the more likely we are to be taken seriously.

A guide/template is below to assist you with your complaint to the planning office. There are also contact details of people who can help to stop these changes and protect our community.

YOU are the community - we need to hear each others' views, and act together on this catastrophe. PLEASE SUPPORT AND HELP!!!

To be kept informed about local action and offer your support and help please email Annette here or phone Annette 885948 or Jane / Cath 885880 E-mail them here

The following are the contacts of the local planning, highways and councillors. Please contact them and register your protest.

Planning Enforcement Planning and Regeneration 2nd Floor, Northgate House, HX1 1UN
Highways E-mail:
The Highways Manager Highways and Engineering. Northgate House, Northgate, HX1 1UN.
Email: Town Planning
Brian Sutcliffe CMBC Highways 392176
E-Mail: Brian Sutcliffe
Councillor :John Beacroft-Mitchell 883732
E-mail:John Beacroft-Mitchell
Councillor: Richard Marshall 883123
E-mail:Richard Marshall
Councillor: Christine Bampton - Smith
E-mail: Christine Bampton - Smith

Suggested text for writing to planning, highways and local councillors

I am writing to register a complaint about the current building of a road and 60 place carpark on Hall Bank Lane. I understand that the reason given for this development is to provide additional parking for Sweet and Maxwell staff who currently park inappropriately on the residential roads of Hall Bank Lane and neighbouring roads.

I am concerned about this development for the following reasons:

1. An increase in the volume of traffic using Hall Bank Lane and consequently an increase in the danger for pedestrians and other road users on a road which is in places single track and has no pavement. Hall Bank Lane is accessed by a steep single track road with a blind bend and no space for pedestrians. Many drivers tend to approach this road at speed and it is hazardous for pedestrians.

2. The impact on residents in terms of noise, polution and lack of privacy of the road and 60 place car park.

3. Access to the new road is via an unadopted section of road which local residents are responsible for maintaining and legally responsible for. The affected residents have not been consulted.

4. The number of cars currently causing problems for local residents is small, more like 10 than 60. There is an existing 20 place car park on the same site and I question the need for additional places.

I would argue that Sweet and Maxwell staff should be required to drive up Cragg Vale to access the car park. If access was made from this end it would also be possible to screen off the car park from the affected residents. In either case the staff would access the same car park and have the same short walk to work. This would in fact reduce the volume of traffic using the residential area of Hall Bank Lane and divert it instead to a main road and Mr Thornber's own land.