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Launch of the Linear Park

You may not know it but there is a linear park in Calderdale and it's been there for a very long time. You have probably walked through it. You may have cycled along it, boated along it, crossed over it, even fished at the side of it. Its name is the Rochdale Canal. The 11-mile stretch between Walsden in the west and Sowerby Bridge in the east is one of the important connecting links snakes through the Upper Calder Valley accompanied by the road, river and railway. A common reference point used by many in the area, the canal is potentially, a great leisure amenity which could attract and encourage tourism.

On Sunday the 19th of October a canal event is being held in Mytholmroyd, by the Upper Calder Valley Renaissance. It's hoped that walkers, cyclists, anglers, boaters and anyone with an interest in the canal will take a critical look, make notes and take photos along the stretch nearest them and share their findings. A digital collage of the canal along with notes is to be attached to a large scale map of the Upper Calder Valley section of the Rochdale Canal to give an immediate picture of what is good - not so good - and what could be improved.

Upper Calder Valley Renaissance co-ordinator Louise Harrison said, 'We are hoping that anyone who has an interest in the canal and its regeneration will come along to the event. The information gathered can be used to help drive forward the development of the linear park and generate ideas about what is needed to improve and develop the largest and - possibly most beautiful - park in Calderdale.'

The event starts at 3pm until 5 pm in St Michaels' Church in Mytholmroyd and there will be refreshments available. For further details of the event please telephone 07949 368462.

Louise Harrison Louise Harrison Aigsgarth Birchcliffe Road Hebden Bridge HX7 8DB Phone 01422 846576 Email: 09.09.08 for immediate release