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Plans have been submitted for a small swimming pool

at the Mytholmroyd Community Centre.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Plans have been submitted for a small swimming pool at the Mytholmroyd Community Centre.

The application describes the new single storey building as a "swimming pool and fitness centre for the community of Mytholmroyd".

The plans have been drawn up by Moreton Deakin Associates of Blackshawhead, Hebden Bridge.

Many local people gave their time and money to the Hebden Royd Pool Association which aimed to provide a pool for the communities of Hebden Royd. Land in Victoria Road, Hebden Bridge was acquired for the pool.

The Pool Trustees sold this land for development for 885,000 and give this money to Mytholmroyd Community Centre.

There are concerns about the lack of public discussion and consultation with the wider community.

A plan of the proposed pool and some background to the chain of events is here.

Questions were raised in the discussion forum in May about a feasability study and business plan.

"The Hebden Royd Council has written to the Swimming Pool Committee and pointed out that the Committee had to find a sustainable solution, as we all know that a swimming pool on it's own needs to be subsidised, and that HR Council was not willing to commit to this. It is also unlikely that Calderdale Council could commit to the funds necessary under it's current budget."

"No consultation with Hebden Royd Council has taken place, in fact quite the opposite as no HR councillors were invited to meetings of the Swimming Pool Committee."

For the full quote - see discussion forum

People in Mytholmroyd are delighted at the prospect of a swimming pool but are concerned that things be done properly. Following the controversy and upset surrounding parking at the Medical Centre there is now, understandably, a tendency towards caution lest this be rushed through, ultimately to the detriment of the wider community.

Sustainability of such a swimming pool should be paramount as should any future problems surrounding parking in the village.