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Salute to wheel clampers' Mr Fixit - 3rd July 2007.

HIS actions may have earned him a police caution but it seems the man who removed a wheel clamp with a hammer and chisel has become something of a hero for Calderdale motorists.

Dave Hargreaves, 41, took the law into his own hands after clampers swooped on his car at Grange Dene Medical Centre, Mytholmroyd.

Mechanic Mr Hargreaves had nipped into a travel agent's after visiting the centre's pharmacy.

But after being told it would cost 75 to remove the clamp, he simply smashed it off himself.

Now, fellow motorists and businesses have applauded his actions.

Dave Langfield, who works at Sowerby Bridge, said: "I congratulate Mr Hargreaves and suggest we all carry a hammer and chisel with us.

"We seem to have a country of two distinct types of people. One is working hard, trying to move forward and paying obscene amounts of taxation, while the other half is working hard to stop them."

Peter Forsdike, of Whitesands Travel, Mytholmroyd, said: "It is about time someone took a stand against these clampers.

"We have seen old ladies in tears all for the crime of stopping off for a paper on their way to the health centre.

"While I totally understand why the Primary Care Trust has resorted to this action, this form of intimidation totally contradicts their mission statement 'Care in the Community.'" And one contributor to the Courier's website, perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, called for Mr Hargreaves to be made Mayor of Luddenden. She said: "He'd get my vote for standing up to these money-grabbers."

But Mr Hargreaves, a father of three, of Victoria Terrace, Luddenden Foot, said he had not taken the action for publicity. "I did it because I was mad and I didn't think what they were doing was right.

"I'm not sure about running for mayor. I know the current mayor and I don't think he'd be too happy if I stood against him."

Halifax Courier 3rd July 2007
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