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Calder Valley Broadband Campaign - If you want a job doing...

Posted 22nd September, 2003.

Following two disastrous leaflet delivery drops by distributors for BT the Calder Valley Campaigners were invited to take delivery again and deliver the leaflets themselves. One particular dedicated person has taken this in hand. I'm not sure he would like me to put his name on the website but if anyone asks me his initials are BM and he can be spotted trudging up and down dale with a stack of pink BT leaflets.

Calder High School pupils with an 88 number were given slips provided by another campaigner to take home and urge their parents to register an interest in broadband.

(3-C) - Calder Connect Co-operative (see home page) are now taking orders for broadband in Hebden Bridge. Calder Valley Exchange is on it's last lap with 54 more registrations required to reach a trigger level. Even then it could take BT until January to enable the exchange.

Anyone wanting the pre-registration form which can be completed by people not able to register their interest and giving us permission to do it for them please contact and it will be e-mailed as a .pdf document.

The stall at Mytholmroyd Gala collectively with 3-C and the Calder Valley Campaign was a great success with sign ups to the Community ISP and people able to register their interest in broadband from the field using wireless technology. The registrations of interest shot up after this event. Burnley Road School allowed us to use their internet access and provided great assistance to everyone on the day.

More information and help on registration can be found at: